Lou Zucaro, Founder of Wondrous Arts
Our Team

Who Are We?

Wondrous Arts, LLC was founded by Lou Zucaro, a veteran of the toys & collectibles business. Today, an expert in the field of Mid-Century Modern residential architecture in the Chicago area, Lou is constantly surrounded by all things mid-century, from architecture and art to furniture and design and more. His passion & appreciation for all of these wonderful things, as well as tiki pop, Disneyana, cars of the ’60s and ’70s, retro futurism, consumer electronics design and other fun “grownup toys” is what fuels his desire to create and share wonderful treasures with people who have similar tastes. The products created by Wondrous Arts are conceptualized and directed by Lou, working with artists, designers and other creatives to make special things we hope you’ll love.

Our relationships with the artists and designers who we work with to create our products is very important to us, and it’s our policy to always give credit on our projects. If you’re an artist or designer and you think you might enjoy working on a project together, please contact us. We’d love to take a look at your work and think of ways to create something great together! Please don’t send specific product ideas, though, as we can’t accept them unsolicited for (silly but important) legal reasons.