Years ago, Wondrous Arts was started in order to complete a project I’d begun at a small toy company that I was a partner in. We’d been talking with MGM about various projects, and one of the things they wanted to know if we had any interest in was the 40th Anniversary of Pink Panther with all new artwork created by Shag. By the time we were ready to start work on the project, the company was in the process of being dissolved, but I really didn’t want to lose the opportunity to work on the project.

I acquired the license from the toy company and, working with the good folks at MGM, started to put together the project in earnest. I’ll write more about the project later, but in the many years since then, life has taken some interesting turns (as it often does). Earlier this year, while visiting Palm Springs for Modernism Week, I decided that I wanted to relaunch the company in order to start making new, original products.

I hope that you’ll follow us and will be just as excited to see what we’ll be making as I am to share it!


Lou Zucaro
Founder, Wondrous Arts